Series III Pump

Series III Pump


PN#: 305PFD01
Flow Rate: 0.001 - 5 mL/min
Max Pressure: 5,000 psi



Ordering Information

PN#: 305PFD01
Description: 0.001 - 5 mL/min, Self-flush, Pulse Damper with Pressure Monitoring, PEEK

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The Series III Pump delivers the precision, performance and reliability of more expensive pumps at a fraction of the price.

Meets the most Demanding Applications

The patented low dead volume pulse dampener and rapid refill in the Series III make this single-piston pump virtually pulse-free. It meets the requirements of the most demanding detectors.

Analytical and Semi-Prep Separations

Flow rates from .001-5 mL/min., 0.01-10 mL/min., and 0.1-40 mL/min. are available.

Material Compatibility for All Applications

The Series III is available in either traditional 316 stainless steel or biocompatible PEEK™ (polyetherether ketone) for metal-sensitive applications.

Reduced Maintenance

Seal life is dramatically extended by actively flushing the back of the primary seal with a flushing solution. The result is less down-time and reduced operating expenses. The self-flush is automatic; just change the flushing fluid weekly. Seals can be changed in five minutes without tools.

Easy Solvent Changes

Autoprime™ one-button purging makes it easy to prime or purge the pump.

Works in Your Existing System

The Series III is a direct replacement for many pumps, including Waters, Shimadzu, and other leading brands.

Performance and Reliability Beyond its Price

The use of digital stepper motor technology and the proven single-piston design gives the performance of the most expensive pumps at a fraction of their cost. The operating cost is lower too, due to the simplicity of the design and fewer number of parts required. It’s so reliable it carries a three-year warranty.


The Series III pump consists of a series of modular subassemblies packaged to meet any isocratic application requirements. The extensive use of digital logic and a micro-stepped motor allow for precise and flexible control. The user interface consists of an LED display and keypad.
The self-flush head and a three-year warranty ensure years of trouble-free service. Method development is easy with Autoprime™ purging. Upper and lower pressure limits can be easily set, and the pressure can be monitored on the LED display. External control gives flexible performance at an affordable price.
When combined with the 1200 Detector and an injector, you have an economical and versatile Isocratic System.

Intended Applications

- Isocratic applications and metering
- Biocompatible applications
- Semi-preparative to 40 mL/min.
- Research and development
- Quality assurance
- Education

Series III Pump Specifications

Flow Rates…..0.001 – 5.0 mL/min, 0.01 – 10.0 mL/min, 0.1 – 40.0 mL/min
Pressure…..0 – 6,000 psi (5 or 10 mL Stainless Steel), 0 – 5,000 psi (5 or 10 mL PEEK), 0 – 1,600 psi (40 mL Stainless or PEEK)
Precision…..0.2% RSD
Dimensions…..5.5” H x 10” W x 17” D (14 x 25.4 x 43.2 cm)
Weight…..24 pounds (11 kg)
Power…..100/110 Volts ac; 220 Volts ac, 50/60 Hz
Features…..Prime-purge valve, Pulse dampener, Self-flushing pump head, LED display
Remote Inputs…..RS-232, Frequency (0-10 kHz), enable run, stop, voltage (0-10 volts)